Welcome to the Northern Maine Music Educators Association website. We are District Seven of the Maine Music Educators Association. Within this website you will find links and information pertaining to All-Aroostook, audition dates, audition material, and a wealth of other information.

District 7 is comprised of the following school districts: Bridgewater, Caribou, Caswell Plt, Easton, Limestone, Madawaska, MSSM, Southern Aroostook CSD, MSAD #1 (Castle Hill, Chapman, Mapleton, Presque Isle, Westfield), MSAD #10 (Allaghash), MSAD #20 (Fort Fairfield), MSAD #24 (Cyr Plt, Hamlin, Van Buren), MSAD #25 (Mount Chase, Patten, Sherman, Stacyville), MSAD #27 (Eagle Lake, Fort Kent, New Canada, Saint Francis, Saint John Plt, Wallagrass, Winterville Plt), MSAD #29 (Hammond, Houlton, Littefield, Monticello), MSAD #32 (Ashland, Garfield Plt, Masardis, Oxbow Plt, Portage Lake), MSAD #33 (Frenchville, St. Agatha), MSAD #42 (Blaine, E Plt, Mars Hill), MSAD #45 (Perham, Wade, Washburn), MSAD #70 (Amity, Cary Plt, Haynesville, Hodgdon, Linneus, Ludlow, New Limerick), Union #122 (New Sweden, Stockholm, Westmanland, Woodland)

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